Status Automations


I am new to kitsu and we are just testing it out. So far so good!

I just upgraded from 0.14.9 to 0.14.18. ( upgrade-db was done)

I was just looking at status automations. When I create some, they show up with an exclamation inside a triangle next to them.

I just created another random one (no exclamation mark) and added it to the project’s status automation settings. I saw it working as expected.

Then I cleared them out and tried again and can’t get any of them work. Anything I should look for?

Does it mean there might be an issue with my installed instance? Another minor quirk I noticed was in Assets, the “Ready For” dropdown for the last asset (bottom row) is finicky to access.

thanks for your awesome work :slight_smile:


Hello Jason,
Sorry for the late reply. This forum is not that much maintained. We are mostly on Discord.
The triangle means that you are modifying a task type that is before the task type provoking the change. We want to avoid cycles, so, that it is not permitted into Kitsu.
For the fact you don’t see any result for the other ones, from what I see I can’t tell much. There is nothing that looks wrong with that.