Projects backup


I’m testing the software, so I installed it on a server. As I’m trying it, I don’t know how much machine will it require to run more or less smooth. So there will be high chances that I’ll have to change the server. I checked the documentation, but haven’t find a way to backup everything and migrate to another machine.
Also, as a way to back up in case of disk failure.

Is there any way to do this?


Hey Cesana,
Did you manage to find a way to do this.?
In a similar boat. Surely there should be some sort of guideline for migration (local installations etc)

Theoretically speaking it should be simple 2 steps process (just like word-press installation)

  • move database
  • move content

As i might be doing this, will keep you posted. thanks,haseeb

Sorry for the late reply. Discussions happen mostly on Discord and Github. Here is the page we setup after we discussed this on Github:

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