Notes For Specific Versions


Only just downloaded Kitsu onto a server and getting my bearings. I was curious about the intended workflow for notes. Usually (As a Shotgun user) when adding notes on a shot the notes are attached to the specific version you’re looking at. Whereas in Kitsu notes just get added to the task, compositing for example. If I was to add a note about a version how would the artist who’s assigned to the shot know which version I was adding a note to?

For example lets say the artist uploads two version before review. If someone adds a note on the task how would that artist know which version the note is supposed to be for? I’ve seen the @frame tag which is useful but that’s reliant on the note taker adding it in. Whereas if notes were automatically linked to a version number that would be clear what’s happening.

Maybe it’s just a different workflow but it doesn’t seem somewhat inefficient to me? Again maybe I’m just used to a different workflow.


Hello @MWoodin,

Thank you for your post and your interest in Kitsu. We think that Shotgrid has flaws tied to its complexity and we don’t want to mimic it. Our goal is to build something simpler that is used by everyone in the studio and not only a few experts. So, if you look for a Shotgrid open-source clone, Kitsu is not the right software.

From our experience allowing notes on different things like the task, the shot, and the version is problematic. It’s confusing for most people who don’t know where to look at. That’s why we set a single thread in the task.

We got more questions about this recently, so we will see solutions about how to better link comments to versions. But, we won’t change the single-task thread. Nevertheless, you can flag your versions as selected or not via the small button displayed in the revision name.

About the inefficiency of the Kitsu workflow, it’s a bit weird to tell us that as a first discussion. What can I say is that our users experienced delivery before deadlines, productions that were made possible thanks to Kitsu, happy artists and producers, and less stressed people. Kitsu is the result of discussions with thousands of people, deployed in more than 100 studios, and was used from auteur animation films to big VFX productions. And none of them will go back to Shotgrid if they are not constrained.

That said, I hope you will keep on digging into Kitsu to experience its benefits for you and your team!