New Release Changelog: Kitsu 0.5.1

Hi all,

You will find here the changelog for the 0.5.1 version of Kitsu



  • Make cell selection more classic: multiple selection is now done with shift and ctrl keys.
  • Allow to select validation cells in todo list (and perform actions on it).
  • Add a playlist module to review several shots at the same time.
  • Show episode information only if there are several episodes in the production.
  • Show FPS, Frame In and Frame out only if they are present.
  • Allow to edit or delete last posted comment.
  • Allow to browse tasks from the task page (next / previous buttons).
  • Add a back button in task page to return to the entity list.
  • Allow to save search in asset list
  • Add entity information (description, fps, etc.) to entity page


  • Remove duplicated task creation widget in top bar.
  • Fix some style issues