Most popular CG tools

In CG, software names are part of the vocabulary. It’s a good thing to know all of them wether you are a production manager or a pipeline engineer. I didn’t found a good list of available software with a quick explanation of what does the software. So, I decided to make one.

I would like to know your thoughts about it and if some are missing. You can find the list in the following article:

How about:

I have a few others that are used:

Quixel Mixer: Used a fair amount in UE productions
Armor Paint: FOSS Alternative to Substance. Not quite as robust as the other options and not sure how much it’s used, if at all, outside of amateur works

Natron: FOSS Nuke clone. Works very much the same as Nuke with less 3D capabilities

OpenToonz: Software created by Studio Ghibli and released as FOSS

Lookdev / Scene Assembly
Gaffer: Produced and released as FOSS by Image Engine. Works very similarly to Katana